NatMonitorGraph 0.1

NatMonitorGraph is an opensource win32 Nat Monitor client. This project was inspired by Nicolas Gaillet's NATMonitor 1.5, but his version lacked of some useful features so I decided to create my own application. Communication protocol was based on Nicolas Gaillet and Simone Graudejus code - thank you guys! (NatMonitorGraph is no longer developed, see below)

New features:
  • resizeable window, resizeable graphs
  • user-defined average load timing
  • custom nickname and color support
  • proper error handling
  • view up to 10 minutes of history

Common features:
  • XML configuration file
  • one second accuracy

  • .NET framework 1.0

Known bugs:
  • Legend window flickers a lot.
  • No documentation
  • Other, unknown. Development is stopped. I no longer use this software and it won't be improved. If you want to takeover this project, e-mail me!

Download and links:
  • NatMonitorGraph download page (warning! Provided package contains unfinished code. It has worked for me but it may not work for you - if it doesn't, learn C# and fix it yourself)
  • NatMonitor daemon download page (project page here)
  • Win32 natmonitor client of Nicolas Gaillet